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Every worker for himself

Forty-six percent of employees would rather see a colleague get the pink slip than lose their own health benefits, according to a recent survey from The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America.

The Guardian also looked at employee attitudes towards voluntary benefits, as this type of coverage becomes increasingly important to help employers mitigate the impact of the economy and health care inflation while potentially bolstering employee benefit access, customization and choice. Here's what they found:

  • Women (60 percent) were more likely than men (44 percent) to consider obtaining benefits on a voluntary basis (employee-paid) if their employer did not offer coverage, but made it available at work.
  • Fifty-seven percent of employees are willing to take a salary cut or forego future increases to maintain their current level of workplace insurance coverage or retirement contributions.
  • Full-time employees (52 percent) and employees making more than $50,000 (54 percent) were more inclined to prefer layoffs to benefit reductions than part-time workers (37 percent) and lower income earners (36 percent).

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