Stop crying and start selling

Gloom and doom. That's the message out of last week's Benefits Selling Expo in D.C.

Sure, that prompted a few complaints, some frustrated brokers and a larger-than-normal bar tab (and that's saying something with this group).

We had a great show, though, and the level of engaged, optimistic broker activity surprised even me. So, yeah, it seemed that, despite the bleakest speaker prognostications, spirits remained high.

And they should, damn it. Health care reform might be law, but there's so much left unresolved (and unlitigated) that it's virtually irrelevant. And even if group health plans get gobbled up by Uncle Sam, voluntary sales face a pretty bright future. Not only that, but I expect consumer-driven plans are going to be bigger than ever, even if they only serve to supplement whatever anemic government plans we all might be facing.

So the next time you see someone waving ones of those "End Times" picket signs, don't go all Tito Ortiz on him. Just tell him to stop crying and start selling. Either that or just tell him to get out and leave this business to those of us still committed to it.


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