Hiring advocate for SSDI claim can speed up process: Allsup

With applications for Social Security Disability Insurance reaching 275,981 in September 2011, 19 percent higher than in September 2010, Allsup recommends working with a representative when approaching the Social Security Administration with a claim.

“Not only is the Social Security Administration dealing with a sizable number of current disability claims, there’s also a tremendous backlog of claims awaiting action,” said David Bueltemann, Allsup’s manager of senior claims representatives. “You can be certain that Allsup experts are going to give your SSDI claim the attention it deserves by thoroughly and accurately completing the work, ensuring important details are documented, and following up every step along the way.”

The first step for people with severe disabilities is filing a claim. They can apply on their own or hire an advocate. Even if a claim appears to be rock solid, the SSA deals with hundreds of thousands of claims at any given time and there are benefits to having an expert SSDI representative on your side, Bueltemann said.

According to Allsup, advocates can help applicants:

  • Have a well-documented claim.
  • Receive benefits faster and at a lower cost.
  • Benefit from expertise with the SSDI process.
  • Avoid stress and limit the health impact. An Allsup survey found that 75 percent of SSDI applicants experience significant or extreme stress during the application process, and 53 percent of respondents said their illness grew worse waiting for their benefits.
  • Ensure the claim moves through the SSDI process.
  • Apply strong claims history to help with an appeal.

According to Allsup, the Social Security Administration denies 65 percent of initial claims, so having an expert SSDI representative can help save time and dramatically improve the odds in someone’s favor.

Allsup is a national provider of Social Security disability, Medicare and Medicare Secondary Payer compliance services for individuals, employers and insurance carriers.


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