7 trends for job references

According to Allison & Taylor, a professional reference-checking company, job seekers should be aware of the seven employment trends if they are to find a new job.

1. References are becoming more valuable  While certain studies indicate the job market could grow in 2012, hiring managers want to know how well job seekers performed in the past, and references are the best way to do so. Job seekers should be sure their references give them an advantage.

2. Reviews from peers and subordinates are important. In some cases, poor performance can be hidden from a manager, but it is rarely hidden from subordinates and colleagues who are usually honest. Allison & Taylor recommends job seekers put out their best work and express appreciation to co-workers.

3. Your reference list and resume should match. A job seeker should put much thought into his or her reference list and include full contact information, which matches the resume.

4. Workplace bullies can still be a threat. Bad bosses and co-workers still exist and often offer poor reports, which are sometimes false, that can impact current and future employment. A victim of workplace bullying should research his or her rights.

5. Social networking keeps you in touch.                                                                                                         Social networking helps job seekers connect with former employers and keep them updated on new career opportunities. Posting information on social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Ryze and Twitter, is helpful.

6. Employers engage in more background research and look at your personal social media sites  Although social networking can be helpful, job seekers should also be cautious as to who their social networking friends are. Job seekers should not post inappropriate comments and keep certain elements private.

7. Technology is increasingly important when giving references. Employers continue to move toward electronic reference systems that rank an employee’s performance on a scale. While this method is comprehensive, factual and can neutralize negative commentary, it also reduces the opportunity employers have to offer positive reviews. Job seekers should establish strong working relationships and negotiate the terms of your reference upon departure from the company.



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