This week in benefits: The contraception debacle, new MLR bill and more

A round-up of the week’s employee benefits news, reports and controversy

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You might have heard – since, you know, we’re actually promoting it – that left-wing bullhorn Howard Dean will be a featured keynote speaker at Benefits Selling Expo in San Antonio in May.
Now that a final resolution has been made on fee and compensation disclosure for ERISA-covered retirement plans, service providers can concentrate on aligning with compliance demands.
Last week I took the briefest of looks at the health insurance market and how this controversial empire is carved up amongst the top five power players: Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Kaiser, and United. Now I want to spend the next few blogs going in depth on these carriers, taking a...
Can a popular tactic for hiding fees survive in the era of fee disclosure?
Prognostication with taxes is always dangerous, but I’d like to suggest four items businesses should consider in planning for taxes this year—particularly as they apply to benefit planning.
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Most outraged reader on BenefitsPro this week
Louisavalos: “This is woman's right issue and has nothing to do with men. Men are driving this issue that is a woman's decision I don't understand how all these congressmen I mean men can get so fired up on an issue that is total a woman's decision. This not an attack on religious freedom people have the right to say yes or no so get out of the way Congess. Go find a real issue to work or go home.” (In response to: Boehner plans birth control reversal)
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