Virginia Health Information publishes health care pricing report

It’s no secret health care costs continue to rise across the country. And for many, there’s not much transparency in how much health services will cost. But folks living in Virginia have a little more help with the availability of information to arm themselves to negotiate costs for health care services.

Virginia Health Information today released its Health Care Pricing Report, found at, that reveals the average allowed amount insurers pay for services such as doctor visits, baby deliveries, mammograms and CT scans.

Virginia Health Information has published their pricing report since 2009.

“In the past, VHI’s health care pricing report has been a great resource for Virginians as we’re among a handful of few states that publish this information,” says Michael Lundberg, executive director of VHI.

“What’s unique this year is that with the help of health insurance companies, consumers can see more detailed pricing information about specific health care procedures. The new information includes variations in price by where the procedure takes place and a breakdown of possible charges for facility, surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist, physician and other charges. This information can help consumers better understand what they may pay and to negotiate lower prices for care.”


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