Cannon Financial Institute partners with InFRE

Cannon Financial Institute and the International Foundation for Retirement Education agreed to work together to deliver professional development and performance improvement solutions to financial institutions and professionals that are focused on delivering objective advice to individual and institutional clients with retirement planning needs.

The partnership allows Cannon to deliver the content supporting InFRE’s Certified Retirement Counselor accredited designation and the Strategies for Managing Retirement Income curriculum.

“In our more than fifty years of advising the world’s top financial services firms concerning socio-economic trends, we have never seen the unique challenges that are facing today’s pre-retirees. Our partnership with InFRE is a direct response to these challenges,” said J. Phil Buchanan, CEO of Cannon Financial Institute. “Between now and the year 2030, more than 10,000 Americans are reaching proper retirement age each day. We believe every individual and family deserves the very best in counsel and advice regarding their retirement strategy. Our alliance with InFRE insures our clients and our clients’ clients will have the latest unbiased information to guide their most critical retirement decisions.”

Cannon is partnering with industry thought leaders and scholar practitioners, such as InFRE, to deliver performance improvement solutions to meet the demands of the financial services industry, tackle the issue of workforce preparedness to meet these demands, and reinvigorate talent to remain competitive in the fight for financial market share and consumer relevance.

 “InFRE is very excited to be partnering with Cannon Financial Institute to further our mission of enhancing the retirement preparedness of the American worker. The combination of InFRE’s unique retirement planning curriculum and Cannon’s unparalleled experience in delivering instructor-led training programs allows us to offer a valuable and distinctive professional development program. This alliance creates a tremendous opportunity for retirement planning focused professionals to expand their knowledge and be better prepared to meet the growing retirement planning and income needs of their clients,” said Kevin Seibert, managing director of InFRE.

Founded in 1961, Cannon provides professional development solutions for the world’s top financial organizations. The International Foundation for Retirement Education is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization founded in 1997 to help address the tremendous retirement challenges facing middle-income Americans.


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