Senate votes on contraception, unemployment dips, worker anxiety continues: This week in benefits

A round-up of the week’s employee benefits news, reports and controversy from around the web


Recommended reads from around the web

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Breaking ranks: Former broker turns bomb thrower (AdvisorOne)

Roy Blunt: The new culture warrior (Politico)

Single-payer health care is coming to America: Are we ready? (Forbes)

Coming to a strip mall near you: A health insurance store (NPR)

Michael Douglas tackles greed for the F.B.I. (The New York Times)

Who’s health care’s key SCOTUS vote? (Politico)

Sen. Sanders unveils report on nation’s ‘dental crisis’ (The Hill)

How the government is robbing pension plans (Institutional Investor)

The last 401(k) generation? (Reuters)


Best blogs on BenefitsPro this week


Consumers — and employees — are ready to drive, by Denis Storey

It might ring like some kind of campaign rhetoric you might hear on the stump in a battleground state like Ohio, but it's true: Even though they're barely 11 years old, consumer driven health plans are our future.


Are we saving too much for retirement?, by Jenny Ivy

It sounds impossible, but financial planners may be telling us to save far too much.


Health reform omissions, by Kathryn Mayer

Half-truths are often a great tactic to make yourself feel better about your own poor decisions. So it's no wonder everyone on the ObamaCare ship is embracing this half-truth.


Top 5 carriers — Kaiser, by Dan Cole

Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed care company in the United States, dominating nearly every possible measure for market share dominance in the health insurance arena.


What will happen to limited medical plans in 2014?, by John Conkling

With a potential U.S. Supreme Court ruling expected at the earliest in the summer of 2012 and the Obama administration’s desire to keep implementing the PPACA, uncertainty remains about what will happen to limited medical plans on Jan. 1, 2014.


Most talked-about story on BenefitsPro this week: First vote looms on Obama birth control policy


Most popular story on BenefitsPro this week: Romney would raise Medicare eligibility age


Most confusing economics lesson on BenefitsPro this week

Jchovis: That's what I always learned in my finance classes: A promise of a dollar tomorrow is worth much more than receiving a dollar today....or was that the other way around? With the type of thinking evidenced in this survey, is it any wonder that this country is in so much trouble?(In response to Workers would trade pay for better retirement benefits)

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