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United Healthcare was founded in the 70s, and was recently awarded by J.D. Power and Associates for having the highest employer satisfaction rating. Of course, J.D. Power uses Aetna (and before that, Anthem), but I won’t tell anyone.


United is large and in charge in the heartland and the south, but is auspiciously absent from both the west coast and New England (saving a blip in Rhode Island). While not having a strong hold on their homestate of Minnesota, their headquarters is in spitting distance of Wisconsin, in which they have a pretty good-sized foot.

Lives Covered

United comes in first place in two out of six policy size categories, what would typically be considered “midsize”: 250 to 1,000 (and a respectable second place finish in the 100 to 250 range).


United is the only health carrier to be completely absent from one of the markets, not insuring a single policy with premiums below $1,000. Their midsize dominance is again reflected here with almost 14% of the $1 million to $5 million policy market.


We have a winner! Despite falling in the middle in terms of commissions paid out per premium dollar (3 cents), United Healthcare edged out Anthem by only $50 per policy to take the first place trophy for commissions per policy: $52,991.64. Congratulations!

And there you have it – kudos if you’ve been with me since the start. Next week I’ll take a look back at the market of the top five as a whole, so stay tuned.

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Dan Cole

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