The exchanges are here, FINRA disciplinary actions up, absenteeism way down: This week in benefits

A round-up of the week’s employee benefits news, reports and controversy from around the web

A timeline of the week's top headlines


Recommended reads from around the web

Obama envisions key role for agents, brokers in exchanges (LifeHealthPro.com)

By 2037, health insurance will swallow your entire paycheck (The Washington Post)

The wisdom of ailing (Slate)

Where are the new advisors? (AdvisorOne)

Is this the end of long-term care insurance? (The Wall Street Journal)

The hardest job to fill and keep in Washington (Kaiser Health News)

Why stocks are riskier than you think (The Wall Street Journal)

States facing ‘sleeping cancer’ in 96% unfunded retiree benefits (Bloomberg)

Health care reform could get you a raise, but there’s a catch (Huffington Post)

Why your employees may balk at their 401(k) fees (The Washington Post)

The 1% worried about job loss, saving for retirement (Huffington Post)

Using two plans helps workers save (Reuters)

Billion-dollar Florida battle shows pension challenge (Bloomberg)

8 ridiculous tax loopholes: How companies are avoiding the tax man (The Daily Beast)

Backup plans if individual mandate is struck down (Politico)


Best blogs on BenefitsPro this week


Better late than never, by Denis Storey

Nearly two years after President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, the department of Health and Human Services this week finally issued its guidelines regarding the now-infamous state


Financially fat, by Jenny Ivy

The economy has taken such a toll on Americans that 78 percent of adults would rather pack on 10 extra pounds versus taking on $10,000 of debt.


Health insurers — the final verdict, by Dan Cole

I’ve spent the last few weeks performing market share reviews of the five largest health carriers in the country.


How to defang the ERISA regulatory guard dog, by Chris Carosa

With all the trips, traps and trials of regulation, why would any small business consider starting a retirement plan?


Don’t leave work without this benefit , by Steve Parrish

Seriously, less than a third of individuals own individual life insurance? Only a little more than half have life insurance from any source? This is financial madness.


Most talked-about story on BenefitsPro this week: It’s the prices, stupid


Most popular story on BenefitsPro this week: Feds release health exchange blueprint


Most impudent reader on BenefitsPro this week

liberalcrap: anyone who doesn't think this healthcare law will drive premiums through the roof either has their head in the sand or is just a fool.  Every single thing in it will drive up costs.  I don't need to give any examples as they are plain to see, but I will give just one from this article anyway.  The last sentence reads ‘Exchanges must be financially self-sufficient by 2015, by charging fees to support their operations.’" (In response to Mixed reviews on feds’ health blueprint for states)


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