Employee unions sue to block pension reform

Just hours after the polls were tallied and Californian voters showed their backing for public pension reform measures in San Jose and San Diego, San Jose police officers followed through on their threat to sue if the bills passed.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, members of the San Jose Police Officers' Association filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County Superior Court, alleging that the vote Tuesday "violated vested rights" to their pensions.

SJPOA president Jim Unland told the Mercury News that a series of previous court rulings have suggested that government employers cannot dump their employee pension obligations without offering replacement benefits.

His union has asked the court to block the adoption of Measure B, which would have limited retirement benefits for new hires and force current employees to pay 16 percent extra of their salaries into existing retirement plans in order to maintain their current benefits.

"If we lose, so be it, but we'll at least try to fight it," Unland told the newspaper. "The days of trying to work with these folks are over. ... We'll see you in court."

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