Coal in our stocking

Well, we’re finally here. We’re now only hours away from finding out what the U.S. Supreme Court has to say about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

And I know we’ve been waiting for this for months, like overeager Christmas morning kids dreaming of those overstuffed stockings, but no matter what comes out of the hallowed halls of the Court, potential disaster lurks around every corner. 

Let’s say the Court upholds the whole thing – which, as I’ve said before, I still think is the most likely scenario – and we’re still stuck with this mess of a law. We'll then turn our attention even more raptly to that first Tuesday in November.

On the other hand, there’s a chance the Court tosses the whole thing, which – as great as it sounds – at this late stage, might make things even messier given the protracted implementation schedule. 

And then there’s the doomsday scenario, where the Court simply tosses the individual mandate and keeps the rest of the rickety legislation intact, which apparently, is what most of our undereducated electorate would like to see.

(And, honestly, couldn’t you just see the justices pulling this one off just to screw with all of us? I mean, they did wait until the last possible second to toss this grenade in to the room before bolting out the back door for recess.)

Either way, it’s become more and more clear that November looms larger than this late June deadline, and that’s where we need to focus our attention and our efforts. (Besides, you have a better chance of affecting real change by actually doing something rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to do something for you.)

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Denis Storey

Denis Storey

Denis Storey is editor for BenefitsPro.com and Benefits Selling magazine. He can be reached at dstorey@benefitspro.com.


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