Small-business decision makers worried about their organizations

Fifty-eight percent of decision makers from small businesses say organizational worries keep them up at night, according to a recent poll by EMPLOYERS.

Another 40 percent of respondents say they do not worry about their businesses, up from 30 percent in 2011, and 20 percent of respondents say they are most worried about growing their businesses as opposed to issues that are beyond their control, such as the economy.

The poll also finds that 44 percent of respondents say they expect the U.S. economy to improve in 2012, which is slightly down from 46 percent in 2011. Forty-five percent of respondents predict revenue growth this year while 17 percent of respondents anticipate revenue drops, and 23 percent of respondents are at prerecessional levels.

Of the respondents, 21 percent are now hiring as opposed to 15 percent from last year, and another 21 percent intend to hire more part-time or seasonal workers this summer.

Respondents from the restaurant industry express the strongest optimism and expectation for growth as 61 percent anticipate the U.S. economy improving in 2012. Sixty-one percent of respondents from the restaurant industry also believe their businesses will grow beyond 2011 levels. This industry also reports the most job creation plans with 39 percent of respondents saying they are now hiring, and 42 percent of respondents plan to hire more workers over the summer. Among the other industries that express optimism regarding revenue growth in 2012 are communications at 53 percent, manufacturing at 52 percent and financial services at 51 percent.


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