The No. 1 marketing mistake you can make

The No. 1 mistake in marketing is…

NOT messaging yourself and your business properly. You can set your marketing budget as high as you would like, but if your messaging fails to properly present you and your firm, it’s wasted money. Many people just assume that they need to be doing more if they want to win more business. Sometimes, it is just a matter of rewording and better defining the core of who you are and what you do as a company that makes all of the difference. Are you presenting yourself and your firm with words that attract and compel people to take action?

I hear from businesses all of the time complaining that their website isn’t working, the website bounce rate is high (people leave the home page without clicking on any other pages in the site), the phone doesn’t ring, no one comes to their events, and referrals aren’t coming in like they once did.

For solutions, we look first to the firm’s website and specifically at the messaging on the website. If a firm has not explained who they are by focusing on short, memorable and clear descriptions of what they do and the compelling benefits, the results are often lacking.

If you want to increase your marketing success, start first with re-messaging your website and then your other marketing materials. Focus on the unique benefits of your firm using succinct and powerful words that mean something to those that will be reading. If you don’t know what is unique about your firm, start there. Ask those that know you what makes you and your company unique and discover why people decide to work with you.

Being able to clearly define what makes you different and why people work with you will transform your messaging. You will find that it is much easier to get people to take the action you want when you use the right words.

About the Author
Maribeth Kuzmeski

Maribeth Kuzmeski

Maribeth Kuzmeski, President of Red Zone Marketing, is a specialist on business growth in the financial services industry. She has personally consulted with some of the nation’s top producers and has guided firms through significant growth. She is the author of 7 books including The Connectors and …And The Clients Went Wild, and is a national media contributor who has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and USA Today and on TV including Fox News. www.RedZoneMarketing.com





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