Five tips for choosing a dental plan

Dental plans are important, but aren’t always given the same time and attention as medical plans.

“Affordable dental plans aren’t only designed to mitigate dental risks, they can also help employers control overall health care costs,” says Nicholas Kavouklis, president of Argus Dental Plan, based in Tampa, Fla.

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Here are five tips to consider when selecting a dental plan for companies, courtesy Kavouklis.

1. Look at the carrier’s dental “in-network.” Ask how many dentists are in the network of approved providers. You want a wide selection of professionals in your region.

2. Be aware of what the plan excludes. Typically, plans have 30 to 40 exclusions, limitations and restrictions. One is the “missing tooth clause,” which excludes any dental work on teeth next to a missing tooth that is pre-existing.

3. Examine innovations in dental insurance that are creating consumer-driven dental healthcare. Consumer-driven plans are dollar-based rather than procedure-based, which gives patients the ability to determine their own care.

4. Ask about online services. Information about benefits, claims, and the dental network is most accessible through the Internet. Plus, online enrollment can save time and money.

5. Know the insurance carrier’s reputation for customer service. You want an insurer who is easily accessible, quick to respond and cares about your company.


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