Aflac launches group hospital indemnity plan in New York

Employers in the state of New York now have access to Aflac‘s group Hospital Indemnity insurance plan.

Employers can choose from four plans of the group HI insurance policy. The benefits include the following:

  • Hospital admission – Cash benefit ranges between $250 and $325 per admission (depending on the plan selected) with unlimited hospital stays;
  • Hospital confinement – Cash benefit is up to $28,800 (payments of $160 per day, up to 180 days per confinement);
  • Hospital intensive care – Maximum cash benefit of either $4,500 or $9,000 per admission (payments range between $150 and $300 per day, up to 30 days per confinement; depending on the plan selected);
  • Hospital emergency room/physician benefit – Cash benefit is up to $250 per insured or $1,000 maximum per family, per calendar year, for medical fees associated with hospital emergency room visits.

Product eligibility and options include the following:

  • Guaranteed-issue – During the initial enrollment, coverage is guaranteed-issue. No medical underwriting is required so that eligible employees may qualify for the plan. Subsequent to the initial enrollment, evidence of insurability will be required for late enrollees.
  • Flexible options – Employers can choose one of four plans that best meet the needs of their employees.
  • No age bands – Age bands are eliminated, allowing a uniform rate for all employees.

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