HR should be more involved in customer experience

Although most human resources professionals understand engaging employees leads to a better customer experience, only 15 percent report significantly helping in that area, according to a new survey by Temkin Group, a market research and consulting firm.

Rather than working on the customer experience, the survey finds most HR departments center their efforts on more on traditional HR functions, such as recruiting and hiring.

"Employee engagement is critical for customer experience success," says Bruce Temkin, managing partner of Temkin Group. "We're excited to be publishing this research, which should appeal to both customer experience and human resources professionals. The results provide a compelling case for these two groups to work more closely together in the future."

In fact, the survey finds that regarding HR support for the customer experience, only 12 percent of respondents are considered good or very good while 26 percent of respondents are rated very poor or broken.

The survey also looks at respondents that are customer experience leaders within their industries, and of those, 77 percent post moderate or significantly better business results from their competitors as opposed to 33 percent of other firms.

Another 72 percent of respondents with customer experience leaders are spending much more time helping their organizations become more customer centric from the 37 percent of HR organizations in other firms while 57 percent of those with customer experience leaders are adding customer experience into their training and onboarding. However, only 32 percent of HR organizations in other firms do so.


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