Most US, UK employers have open mobile positions

Despite high global unemployment rates, 74 percent of U.S. and U.K. companies are looking for candidates to fill mobile positions, and 29 percent of those are hiring mobile strategists, according to research by Antenna Software.

The demand for workers with mobile skills is expected to grow over the next year as 51 percent of respondents say they've created mobile-specific roles while 20 percent of respondents say they intend to add one to two mobile-related roles in the next year. Another 5 percent of respondents say they could introduce as many as five to 10 mobile roles during the next 12 months.

Of respondents with open mobile positions, 25 percent say finding the right workers is challenging, and 93 percent say this is not due to few applicants but attributed to the lack of candidates with the right qualifications. Even 40 percent of respondents say the volume of applicants is the least challenging facto when filling new mobile roles.

As more respondents are searching for mobile talent, the mobile strategist role is growing, and nearly 30 percent of respondents now employ a mobile strategist, chief mobile officer or head of mobile. These positions are focused on developing a mobile strategy and executing across departments. Another 20 percent of respondents are recruiting mobile app developers and mobile content creators, and 23 percent of respondents are searching for candidates with mobile device management expertise.  

"While mobile and wireless technologies have been part of business culture for many years, we're actually still in the early stages and only beginning to see the broad social and economic impact it will have for many years to come," says Jim Somers, chief marketing and strategy officer for Antenna. "As mobile matures, we expect to see a greater number of businesses expand their mobile teams and identify a mobile strategist to lead the way and ensure long-term success."



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