More employers need engineers

Available engineering jobs grew 12 percent in September from the last year, totaling more than 184,000 jobs listed, according to research by WANTED Analytics, a source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace.

Among the engineering jobs with the greatest demand are mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, and project engineers, the research finds. Along with conventional engineering skills and certifications, such as quality assurance and Six Sigma, employers are especially looking for job candidates with computer-aided design experience. In fact, job postings requiring CAD skills rose 14 percent in September in comparison to last year.

The cities that saw the greatest number of job ads for engineers in September are Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York and Chicago, the research shows. During this time, Houston saw the most advertised job listings as well as experience the highest year-over-year growth of these five cities for 34 percent growth from September 2011.

With greater demand for engineers, employers should expect to face more competition and recruiting troubles, the research finds. On average, employers spend 6 ½ weeks advertising engineering jobs and sourcing candidates, but this does vary by region. Employers are particularly struggling in Athens, Ga., and Jefferson City, Mo., where job ads remain online for an average of nine weeks.

However, other areas are experiencing less difficulty, especially in Binghamton, N.Y., and Virginia Beach, Va. These areas boost larger talent supplies, making it easier to fill engineering jobs. In these cities, engineering jobs are advertised for an average of five-and-a-half weeks.


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