Five tips for screening candidates

While employers are planning next year’s business strategies and personnel decisions, they should consider these five tips for screening job candidates by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

1. Be complete: An employer can avoid negligent hiring by conducting a comprehensive background search. When an employer only looks at partial or out-of-date information, it can be just as ineffective as not conducting a background check at all.

2. Be efficient: Recruiters value time, so an employer should rely on technology to improve efficiencies. Background screening providers can offer ways to better the process while saving time and money.

3. Be thorough: Employers have certain responsibilities as required by law, so double check that all background screening practices are in accordance with federal and state regulations as well as industry requirements. There are also new criminal guidelines in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

4. Be analytical: Job responsibilities should be kept in mind while screening candidates. An employer should not only gather basic background information but also assess job relatedness and business necessity.

5. Be consistent: Every open job should have a targeted level of screening that correlates with business needs and job relatedness.



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