Hiring managers project modest 2013 hiring

Over the first half of 2013, hiring managers say they plan to hire at a modest pace, according to a national survey by Dice Holdings Inc., a provider of specialized websites for professional communities.

In fact, 46 percent of respondents say they anticipate bringing in more employees during the first half of 2013 when compared to the second half of 2012. Today’s economy has no effect on hiring plans, 44 percent of respondents say, though the split on the pace of recruiting reveals that employers remain unsure about the future.

"As opposed to a fresh start, employers and employees seem to be entering 2013 ready to hold on to the status quo,” says Scot Melland, chairman, president and CEO of Dice Holdings. “While it may feel like a good amount of running in place, it's important to remember more than 1.3 million private-sector jobs have been created this year, and business conditions point to continued modest job growth. If greater confidence returns, I firmly believe hiring managers and professionals will be emboldened to act more decisively."

Another 55 percent of respondents believe they will give raises to current employees in the next year, and 68 percent of respondents say voluntary turnover has not increased in 2012, up from 64 percent who agreed six months ago. Starting salaries, however, are not expected to climb during the first half of 2013, according to 43 percent of respondents. 

Consequently, 22 percent of respondents say they are seeing more candidates reject offers while 15 percent of respondents are finding more candidates are accepting offers from the last six months. Among the top reasons candidates cite leaving their positions are increasing salaries and finding better career opportunities, receiving a higher job title or promotion, and attaining improved work-life balance.   

While 38 percent of respondents plan to recruit entry-level employees in early 2013, an increase from 33 percent during the second half of 2012, more respondents anticipate hiring employees with two to five years of experience and six to 10 years of experience. 




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