Small business insurance is cyclical and many brokers choose to relax in advance of the busy season ahead. However, some of the industry’s most successful brokers follow a different rule: Use the beginning of fall to prepare for open enrollment. Here are some tips from brokers on how to make the most of September and October to maximize sales this enrollment season. 

Set clear, aspirational sales goals

Most successful brokers set key milestones and aspirational sales goals. One trick to doing so is to quantify performance expectations by identifying metrics that can help you better organize for the busy times ahead. Successful brokers like to see a continued upward trend in their performance, and continue to measure their performance on a regular basis. In doing so, they not only give a sense of direction to their efforts, but also add an exciting element of motivation to their daily schedule. 

Find tools to help you sell

Once brokers have a set of goals and metrics for the upcoming season, they can arm themselves with a set of new tools focused on increasing their efficiency and maximizing their earnings potential. Technologies and sales tools that can replace cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and disconnected systems can significantly help brokers reach their milestones. Successful insurance brokers are aware of the competitive landscape and leverage their industry knowledge to get ahead of their competition by using simple but sophisticated tools and technologies focused on increasing the speed of their sale. Whereas some brokers spend hours spreadsheeting and sending proposals to clients, those who add the right tools to their arsenal close deals within minutes. 

Set yourself up to be chief communicator

There is a shift happening in the sales strategies of top performing brokers. Small business insurance in particular is incredibly complex, requiring brokers to think of themselves not just as intermediaries in a sales transaction, but also as industry experts clients rely on for up-to-date information. Utilizing technologies that can automate sales processes, which used to take a long-time to perform manually, can help brokers focus on their role as chief communicator. Top performing brokers are aware that the key to success lies in long-lasting relationships. By selecting the tools they want to use in the fall, brokers can focus their remaining time on existing relationships ahead of the busy season of new enrollments and renewals. 

The spread in the performance of brokers is widening, so setting clear goals and arming yourself with the appropriate tools will enable you to stand out as a top performer and focus on real value-added services for clients. Simplifying your workflow with new technologies and movement towards clear milestones better positions you to retain clients by communicating the details of the highly intricate industry.