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  • RISK: Are your clients protected?

    Recent developments in the retirement- plans industry are placing a premium on sound investment advice - and plan sponsors are seeking solutions that minimize their fiduciary risk exposure. Are you prepared to deliver the protection they

  • EAPs: The secret weapon

    Employee assistance programs are often overlooked by benefits brokers, but they can be a valuable sales tool that cements your relationship to your client. Of all the benefits available to independent brokers, the employee assistance program seems

  • On autopilot

    Two years after the federal government enacted policies to give the American workforce a new impetus to save for retirement, the automation of defined-contribution retirement plans is in full swing. Fresh findings from a range of groups that track

  • Do the math

    You've no doubt heard that high-deductible health plans are meant primarily for the healthy -- specifically for the young and the healthy.

Beyond the Beltway

  • Candidates, economy will shake industry

    According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll from late July, in which respondents were asked "Which of the following issues will be MOST important to you when you decide how to vote for president," health care came in third (13

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  • Building a competitive edge

    The July/August issue of Harvard Business Review is a special issue, with a cover theme of "Honing Your Competitive Edge." Since that ties in perfectly with the theme of this column, I reviewed the issue to see what insights could

By Consumer Design

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help

    As the industry continues its quest to turn health care users into health care consumers, forward-thinking agents envision customers happily shopping for their health care services. Medical spending accounts like HSAs empower consumers to take a

Employers Speak Out

  • Does your company offer a wellness program?

    We have an on-site fitness center (free weights, cardio) and we have a biking club, golf club, running club...just to name a few. We also have on-site Weight Watchers, a nurse, and a physician who visits once weekly. We also have a smoking cessation


  • November promises health care referendum

    My godfather instilled in me three important lessons: Never drink blended whisky, always keep your word and never, ever talk politics in polite company or at the dinner table. I'm about to break that last one, so forgive me in advance if

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  • Drive Enrollment Participation. Video Exclusive!

    #article-wrap { background:#eee; background-image:none; } It's open enrollment time, when millions of employees sign up for their workplace benefits. What will you do to build enthusiasm and maximize employee participation this season? Use th

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