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Publication DateContent TitlePublicationDescriptionSpace Close Materials DueAudiencePractice AreasPOD OptionDistribution
10/19/21Diversity*BenefitsPROFor years, the industry has touted the importance of increased diversity. Has it worked?9/21/209/28/20Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
11/23/202020 Wrap up*BenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits10/28/2011/4/20Companyboth
11/23/20Industry Overview*BenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?10/28/2011/4/20Companyboth
1/19/21Health Care Costs*BenefitsPROHow can brokers and their clients help bend the cost curve?12/22/2012/29/20Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
1/19/21100 Sales & Marketing Tips*BenefitsPROOur annual list of 100 tips to grow business, make enrollment smoother, and reach clients more effectively12/22/2012/29/20Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
1/19/212021 Industry Outlook*BenefitsPROA look at the year ahead, the benefits industry, and what it means to brokers12/22/2012/29/20Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
3/16/21Special Section: Inside Wellness*BenefitsPROOur regular look at the latest in wellness2/16/212/23/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
3/16/21Technology*BenefitsPROTechnology continues to shape the benefits industry in a number of ways2/16/212/23/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
3/16/21C-Suite*BenefitsPROBenefits advisors are increasingly working with the C-Suite. What are the best strategies?2/16/212/23/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
3/16/21Expanding the Care Continum*BenefitsPROA look at the latest in everything from telehealth to on-site clinics and wellness devices2/16/212/23/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
3/16/21Non-traditional health insurance strategies*BenefitsPROWhat non-traditional trends and strategies are are driving innovation in benefit plan design?2/16/212/23/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
5/18/21Voluntary Survey*BenefitsPROThe annual BenefitsPRO/Eastbridge voluntary benefits survey4/20/214/27/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
5/18/21BenefitsPRO Broker Expo Preview*BenefitsPROA look at what's on tap for the 2020 BenefitsPRO Broker Expo4/20/214/27/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
5/18/21Special Section: HR Insights*BenefitsPROOur regular look at the world of human resources4/20/214/27/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
5/18/21The Life/Career of a Broker*BenefitsPROA look at the challenges and opportunities brokers face at various stages of their careers4/20/214/27/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
5/18/21Compliance Concerns*BenefitsPROFrom ERISA to ACA to fiduciary and beyond, compliance is one of the most important considerations for brokers today4/20/214/27/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
7/20/21Mental Health*BenefitsPROTips on working with clients to implement wellness plans that focus on mental health6/22/216/29/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
7/20/21Health Care Survey*BenefitsPROThe annual health care survey allows brokers to share their thoughts6/22/216/29/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
7/20/21Special Section: Voluntary Solutions*BenefitsPROOur regular look at the latest in voluntary benefits6/22/216/29/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
7/20/21Benefits for non-traditional employees*BenefitsPROSolutions and strategies for gig and remote works, part-time employees and others who don't fit traditional descriptions.6/22/216/29/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
7/20/21Broker of the Year finalists*BenefitsPROA closer look at each of our five Broker of the Year finalists for 20196/22/216/29/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
8/24/21Broker of the Year*BenefitsPROSpotlight on our 2020 BenefitsPRO Broker of the Year7/27/218/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
8/24/21Special Section: Inside Wellness*BenefitsPROOur regular look at wellness7/27/218/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
8/24/21Employer coverage*BenefitsPROEmployer and human resource manager perspectives on the benefits business7/27/218/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
8/24/21Industry consolidation*BenefitsPROIndustry consolidation: How mergers/consolidation shape the industry7/27/218/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
8/24/21Vision and dental trends*BenefitsPROThe latest on these perennial staples7/27/218/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
9/21/21Expo Recap*BenefitsPROA recap of the 2020 Expo8/24/218/31/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
9/21/21Open Enrollment*BenefitsPROThe latest strategies, trends and advice from industry experts8/24/218/31/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
9/21/21Special Section: HR Insights*BenefitsPROOur regular look at the world of human resources8/24/218/31/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
9/21/21Retirement Plans*BenefitsPROA look at trends, innovation, challenges and the ongoing effects of the DOL ruling8/24/218/31/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
10/19/21Special Section: Voluntary Solutions*BenefitsPROOur regular look at voluntary benefits9/21/219/28/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
10/19/21Health care reform: What's next?*BenefitsPROThe latest on health care reform and other regulation.9/21/219/28/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
10/19/21Power of partnerships*BenefitsPROPartnerships are more important than ever Finding the right fit (coaches, partners, TPAs)9/21/219/28/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
11/23/212020 Wrap up*BenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits10/26/2111/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
11/23/21Industry Overview*BenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?10/26/2111/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
11/23/21Special Section: Inside Wellness*BenefitsPROOur regular look at wellness10/26/2111/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
11/23/21Benefits communication*BenefitsPROThe latest strategies and trends in the communication space10/26/2111/3/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
1/18/22100 Sales & Marketing Tips*BenefitsPROOur annual list of 100 tips to grow business, make enrollment smoother, and reach clients more effectively12/21/2112/28/21Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
11/12/20California Leaders in Tech Law and Innovation AwardsThe RecorderThe California Leaders in Tech Law and Innovation Awards will celebrate the recent achievements of lawyers whose work is focused o7/27/206/18/20Company, Government, Law Firmonline
11/1/20Special Report: CanadaThe American LawyerA look at key legal and business of law trends in Canada.9/1/209/7/20Law Firmboth
11/1/20New Partners SurveyThe American LawyerWhat it takes to make partner.9/1/209/7/20Law Firmboth
11/1/20Asia 50The American LawyerAsia's largest law firms by head count.9/1/209/7/20Law Firmboth
11/3/20Survey: Cash Management Trends & Best PracticesTreasury & RiskOur annual cash management survey examines how companies? cash reserves are changing in size, and how organizations are making ...9/8/2010/6/20Financial Services/Banking/Accountingonline
10/30/20TechnologyCorporate CounselFocus on the developments in technolgy for in-house counsel.9/21/209/28/20Companyboth
12/1/20Women in Law (WIPL awards package )Corporate CounselFeatures Q&A profiles of 60 women in-house and firm leaders.9/21/209/28/20Companyboth
11/1/20Appellate Hot ListThe National Law JournalNLJ annual report on top appellate lawyers.9/28/2010/5/20Law Firmonline
11/2/20Best of the MidwestThe National Law JournalAnnual reader rankings issue to determine top ranking legal service providers.9/28/2010/5/20Company, Law Firmboth
11/2/20Trailblazers: Litigation and Political Activism/1st Amendment RightsThe National Law JournalThe National Law Journal recognizes professionals who have moved the needle in the legal industry.9/28/2010/5/20Law Firmboth
11/2/20Trailblazers: Intellectual Property & ImmigrationThe National Law JournalThe National Law Journal recognizes professionals who have moved the needle in the legal industry.9/28/2010/5/20Law Firmboth
11/2/20Best of: DCThe National Law JournalAnnual reader rankings issue to determine top ranking legal service providers.9/28/2010/5/20Company, Law Firmboth
12/1/20Trends Shaping Corporate Treasury 2021Treasury & RiskThis special report will evaluate what changes corporate treasurers should expect in the year ahead. What developments in ...10/6/2011/3/20Financial Services/Banking/Accountingonline
11/1/20Trucking and Autonomous Vehicles Market UpdateNU Property & CasualtyCommercial trucking, including the future of autonomous trucking; driver shortage issues; Profiles of 2020 award winners10/6/2010/13/20Insuranceboth
10/28/20CU Leagues: Shifting PrioritiesCredit Union TimesLeagues as the on-the-ground support for credit unions in every crisis.10/7/2010/14/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
12/1/20Directory of Texas Corporate CounselTexas LawyerListing of in-house counsel in Texas corporations.10/12/2010/19/20Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel and In House Counsel, Law Firm Client Relationships, Law Firm Marketing and Business Developmentprint
12/1/20Special Focus Report: Labor & EmploymentTexas LawyerDevelopments in Labor & Employment.10/19/2010/26/20Law Firmboth
12/1/20In-House Texas: Corporate ComplianceTexas LawyerCurrent developments in Corporate Compliance for the in-house community.10/19/2010/26/20Law Firmboth
12/1/20TL Report: Year in ReviewTexas LawyerTexas Lawyer looks at a year of legal developments and the people who shaped them.10/19/2010/26/20Law Firmboth
11/3/20Labor & Employment LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Labor & Employment from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.10/19/2010/26/20Law Firmboth
11/11/20The Future of MergersCredit Union TimesA promising year turned into an unclear road ahead for credit union mergers.10/21/2010/28/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
11/2/20Labor & EmploymentNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/22/2010/26/20Law Firmboth
11/2/20Top Women in the LawNew Jersey Law JournalBios of female attorneys who are being recognized as outstanding in their field.10/22/2010/26/20Company, Government, Law Firmboth
11/10/20Personal InjuryThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Personal Injury from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.10/26/2011/2/20Law Firmboth
11/24/20Top Advisor News: Looking Back & AheadInvestment AdvisorReview of top industry developments and why they matter to advisors10/27/2011/3/20Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth
11/9/20LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/29/2011/2/20Law Firmboth
11/9/20Workplace Injury & NJAJ Meadowlands Seminar GuideNew Jersey Law JournalGuide to the NJAJ Meadowlands Seminar, plus contributed articles on current topics in workplace injury law.10/29/2011/2/20Law Firmboth
12/4/20Influencers in HealthcareReal Estate Forumnomination based11/2/2011/9/20Real Estateboth
12/4/20Forum Focus: HealthcareReal Estate ForumA look at top-of-mind issues as the sector enters a new year.11/2/2011/9/20Real Estateboth
11/9/20In-House GeorgiaDaily ReportOne GC Q&A on front page11/2/2011/4/20Companyboth
11/9/20Law Firm Leaders OutlookDaily Business ReviewOutlook for 2020 from South Florida law firm leaders11/2/2011/4/20Law Firmboth
12/4/20Influencers in Senior HousingReal Estate Forumnomination based11/2/2011/9/20Real Estateboth
12/4/202021 VisionReal Estate ForumWhat do CRE?s top thought leaders and trendsetters see for the industry in the coming year?11/2/2011/9/20Real Estateboth
12/4/20Influencers in MarketingReal Estate Forumnomination based11/2/2011/9/20Real Estateboth
12/4/20CRE Marketers FeatureReal Estate ForumCommercial real estate marketing has evolved tremendously over the past decade. See how the industry is keeping up and how you can11/2/2011/9/20Real Estateboth
11/16/20Pennsylvania TrailblazersThe Legal IntelligencerWe are looking for agents of change in any aspect of the practice or business of law in Pennsylvania.11/2/2011/9/20Law Firmboth
11/25/20CUs & the 2020 Election ResultsCredit Union TimesAn in-depth look at the meaning of the election results for CUs by state & region.11/4/2011/11/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
11/16/20NJ LawNew Jersey Law JournalA collection of data regarding the legal profession in New Jersey, gathered and analyzed over the last year.11/5/2011/9/20Company, Government, Law Firmboth
12/3/20Reinsurance Market Update > Unusual Holiday Claims and how to avoid themNU Property & CasualtyReinsurance update, including when to use it > Minimizing liability for holiday parties, decorations that fall, etc.11/9/2011/16/20Insuranceboth
11/30/20Best ofDaily Business ReviewAnnual reader rankings issue to determine top ranking legal service providers.11/9/2011/16/20Company, Law Firmboth
12/4/20Subrogation/Year in ReviewClaims"- Claims Salary Survey -2020 Fraud Hall of Shame -Recap of major issues in 2020 -Subrogating cyber claims -Subrogation "11/10/2011/17/20Insuranceboth
11/23/20Alternative Dispute ResoutionNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/12/2011/16/20Organization/Association/Non-Profitboth
1/1/21Trend Spotting: The Future GCCorporate CounselWhat is on the horizon for legal departments?11/16/2011/23/20Companyboth
1/1/21Trend Spotting: The Future GCCorporate CounselWhat is on the horizon for legal departments?11/16/2011/23/20Companyboth
12/7/20Top Verdicts & Settlements of FloridaDaily Business ReviewTop 2019 cases in Florida.11/16/2011/20/20Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityWrongful Deathboth
12/9/20CUs in the CommunityCredit Union TimesThe good deeds being done by CUs in the community.11/18/2011/25/20Retail Trade and Distributionboth
11/30/20CybersecurityNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles from legal technology experts on developments in the area of cybersecurity.11/19/2011/23/20Law Firmboth
12/8/20PaLaw2020The Legal IntelligencerData, charts, articles on the year in law.11/23/2011/30/20Law Firmboth
12/7/20White-Collar CrimeNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/25/2011/30/20Company, Government, Law Firmboth
12/7/20Most Effective LawyersDaily Business ReviewWork by the most effective lawyers in South Florida11/30/2012/2/20Law Firmboth
1/4/21The Business of InsuranceClaims-The rise of touchless claims -Impacts of the coronavirus on insurance -Marijuana risks & opportuniti12/1/2012/8/20Financial Services/Banking/Accounting, Nonprofit/Trade Associationsboth
12/23/20Hindsight is 2020Credit Union TimesA look back on 2020 and analyzing the successes that happened inside the credit union movement.12/2/2012/9/20Companyboth
12/14/20LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.12/3/2012/7/20Law Firmboth
12/14/20Product Liability & Class ActionsNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles on current developments in these areas of law from expert practitioners.12/3/2012/7/20Law Firmboth
12/14/20In-House GeorgiaDaily ReportReport for/about in-house counsel: practiioner insights and in-house profile12/7/2012/9/20Companyboth
2/28/21Diversity & InclusionCorporate CounselThe importance of D&I efforts and what in-house counsel want from their outside teams.1/18/211/25/21Companyboth
3/2/21Liability/Catastrophe PlanningClaims-Wildfire claims -Emerging risks in claims -Investigating arson claims -Cybersecurity - protecting insurance data, emerging risks2/2/212/9/21Financial Services/Banking/Accounting, Nonprofit/Trade Associationsboth
3/1/21ADRConnecticut Law TribuneAlt Dispute resolution2/8/212/15/21Company, Government, Law Firmonline
2/22/21Annual Office GuideDaily Business ReviewReal estate special section2/8/212/12/21Company, Government, Law Firmboth
3/22/21Employment LawConnecticut Law TribuneEmployment law attorneys and firms contribute columns regarding the field, with latest news and developments.3/1/213/15/21Company, Government, Law Firmonline
5/1/21Mental Health & WellbeingCorporate CounselArticles focusing on the importance of mental health & wellbeing in an environment of constant pressures.3/22/213/29/21Companyboth
5/3/21Auto/InsurTechClaims-Auto technology & its impact on claims4/6/214/13/21Financial Services/Banking/Accounting, Nonprofit/Trade Associationsboth
6/1/21GC CompensationCorporate CounselThe top 100 highest paid general counsel in the U.S.5/24/215/31/21Companyboth
7/1/21Legal issues/Workers? compensation claimsClaims-Bad faith in E&O claims - Alternative Dispute Resolution options -Social inflation -Containing workers' comp costs6/8/216/15/21Financial Services/Banking/Accounting, Nonprofit/Trade Associationsboth
7/19/21Insurance LawConnecticut Law TribuneLatest developments in insurance law from industry insiders in CT market.7/5/217/12/21Company, Government, Law Firmonline
9/1/21Best Legal DepartmentsCorporate CounselProfiles on our best legal departments honorees.7/19/217/26/21Companyboth
9/1/21Fraud detection/Specialty insuranceClaims- Identifying new fraud schemes - Specialty claims - case study -Using InsurTech to identify fraud8/10/218/17/21Financial Services/Banking/Accounting, Nonprofit/Trade Associationsboth
8/23/21Professional Excellence AwardsConnecticut Law TribuneAnnual Awards. Online only8/11/218/16/21Company, Government, Law Firmonline
10/1/21Women in Law (WIPL awards package )Corporate CounselFeatures Q&A profiles of women in-house and firm leaders WIPL honorees.9/20/219/27/21Companyboth
10/18/21Land UseConnecticut Law TribuneDevelopments in Land Use Law10/4/2110/11/21Company, Government, Law Firmonline
11/2/21Subrogation/Year in ReviewClaims- Claims Salary Survey -2021 Fraud Hall of Shame -Recap of major issues in 2021 -Subrogating cyber claims -Subrogation10/5/2110/12/21Financial Services/Banking/Accounting, Nonprofit/Trade Associationsboth
11/16/20Top Verdicts & Settlements of New JerseyNew Jersey Law JournalTop 2019 cases in New Jersey.11/2/2111/6/20Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLitigation, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Wrongful Deathboth


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