EIN Finder Is Your Gateway to FreeERISA

Last issue, Rich White introduced you to the improved search features of EIN Finder. This time around, we're going to introduce you to EIN Finder as a gateway to six other FreeERISA databases.

EIN Finder allows you to search by company name, state, ZIP code, industry, or EIN. These are versatile search options that, if used properly, can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Once you have found the right company, click on its EIN. You'll find a lot more than just its address and phone number.

The "EIN Complete Lookup" page lists all occurrences of your company on FreeERISA. It will show you all of the following for the company:

  • All benefit filings in our 5500 database
  • All Schedule Ps in our Trust EIN Database
  • Any 5310 rollover opportunities
  • All non-qualified Top Hat filings
  • If the company is tax-exempt, it will show their revenue and assets
  • Any Schedule Cs in our Service Provider Database

As you can clearly see, if you want the most complete, detailed information on a particular company on FreeERISA, your best bet is EIN Finder, because it allows you to search all the databases at once instead of going to each one individually.

Even if you can't find any information in the above listed databases, if you get the EIN, you can contact our Research Department to see if there is any other information that might be obtained on the company.

For more information on subscribing to the improved EIN Finder service, including subscription options and prices, click here:

Or call 202-728-0111 to speak to a freeERISA.com sales associate.


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