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LaBroad: What I've learned

Daniel LaBroad, president Ovation Health & Life Services Inc., Dallas

  1. I never spreadsheet — never have, never will. Clients want a solution, not 30 pages of numbers. I bring them a comprehensive plan, only after listening to their wants and needs. I can always go back to the drawing board, or make some tweaks, but I am the expert guiding them.
  2. Let the carriers do their jobs. Whether it be enrollment assistance, a problem or a billing issue, I let the carrier be involved or fix it. That’s what they get paid for.
  3. Be sure the services you provide to your clients are directly proportional to the amount of money you get paid.  If it is not, add more services, or reduce your commission.
  4. Brand yourself.  Build your name, reputation and image, and be consistent. It is what will fuel your growth.
  5. Decide on your target market, and stay with it....whether it be industry specific, or case size.
  6. Times are changing, for good and bad. Change your business model.  You cannot keep doing what you have always done. You will die out in the future.
  7. Remember your audience at enrollments. Don’t wear suit and cufflinks when enrolling employees working in a factory for $10/hour. Be sensitive to their demographic and financial situations.
  8. Be honest. Be on time. Pay attention. Always.
  9. When you make a mistake, accept responsibility and fix it, even if it costs you money.
  10. Family comes first.

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