Generational trends prevalent in the workplace

Twenty percent of employees report to younger supervisors, which reveals a predominant generation trend in the workplace, according to a survey by Pitney Bowers Inc.

“Companies are working toward creating a more inclusive work environment,” says Susan Johnson, vice president of executive succession and diversity strategies at Pitney Bowes. “This means equitable messaging for all employees, regardless of how and where they work. Effective diversity strategies now address regional, generational and even technological differences found throughout the work force.”

For each generation is a set of unique characteristics, and understanding how to motivate and communicate with everyone is crucial to a team and organization’s overall success, Pitney Bowers says. Pitney Bowers recommends focusing on the strengths of each generation and incorporating those values into the workplace. For instance, baby boomers typically thrive on individualism, but Generation Xers are usually attracted to entrepreneurialism while millennials enjoy teamwork.

“As companies master customer communications management, they should also apply this strategy with their own employees,” Johnson says. “Sending the right message in the right channel to each generation in this challenging economic environment may lead to increased productivity and morale.”

Regarding communications channels, the survey finds that baby boomers are most familiar and comfortable with email while Generation X is can adapt to most channels and technologies, and millennials are constantly connected, first relying on text or instant messaging, rather than verbal communication.


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