5 most popular legal plans: slideshow

It’s not a surprise that legal issues are frustrating. But employee stress from financial and legal matters—now more than ever—affect their performance, productivity and physical and financial well-being. That’s why more employers are adding legal plans to their voluntary benefits package.

Here are the top 5 frequently used legal services in 2011, according to Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife company. >

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5. Debt collection defense, powers of attorney, purchase of a primary residence and divorce (tied)


Usage for debt collection defense has doubled since 2005 and first earned a place among the top five in 2008, while usage for powers of attorney has remained fairly steady over the years and is traditionally among the top five. Legal plans used for purchase of a primary residence has decreased a whopping 40 percent since 2005 due to the recession but still holds a place on the list. In fact, many faced foreclosure on their homes during the recession, which is one cause for the increase in usage for debt collection defense. (Debt collection defense covers foreclosure defense.) Usage for divorce also has remained steady over the past five years.

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4. Traffic


Usage for traffic matters has remained consistent over the past five years, and it traditionally remains among the most frequently used services.

3. Trusts


Trust preparation often goes hand-in-hand with the No. 2 legal plan preparation.

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2. Wills


For years, the preparation of wills was the most frequently used legal service. But in 2010, another use finally topped it. Still, will preparation remains a strong second.

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1. Bankruptcy


The number of legal services requested by plan participants for debt and financial matters more than doubled, and requests for bankruptcy counsel increased nearly threefold from 2007-2011, Hyatt Legal Plans finds. In 2010, bankruptcy took over the top spot and remains at the top of the list today.

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