7 ways to advance your broker career

Especially with new health exchanges, Donna Joseph said at a session Wednesday during the Benefits Selling Expo, “health care is never going to be the same.” The CEO of Rhodes-Joseph & Tobiason Advisors said brokers need to advance in their careers while developing the next generation of professionals.

Joseph, with Pete Tobiason, president of Rhodes-Joseph & Tobiason Advisors, offered ways how to do so in their session, “Brokers need careers, too.”

Be a leader. Know the trends, and implement them. Wellness programs are really growing, both of the financial and health varieties.

Stay current. Watch what the new products are—they may surprise you. Joseph mentioned vacation wellness program benefits are a hot new product. “Who ever thought that a discount for going on a cruise would be an employee benefit?” Joseph said.

Think like the employer. “As an employer I don’t care about commissions or fees, I just need services," Joseph explains. "I need someone who will understand my view point. I want your help.”

Embrace social media. It doesn’t matter if you agree or don’t agree that social media is a business tool. LinkedIn should be mandatory for those working in employee benefits, Joseph argued. You can research clients, your competition and potential partners. “If you’re clients are doing it, you need to,” she said.

Be a partner to your employer. “They want you to have all the answers,” she said. “The worst thing that can happen is when a broker says, ‘Here’s what’s gonna happen,’ and the employer says, ‘So what do I do?’ and [the broker] doesn’t have a solution.”

Know stagnation isn’t an option. “You need to grow,” Joseph said. “Stagnation isn’t acceptable anymore.”

Be a mentor. Share your expertise with younger generations getting into the business. Be understanding of what younger generations need and do to be successful. Have lunch and learns. Reach out. Be active in organizations. Hire the best and the brightest people.





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