Creating a branding "one-sheet" to acquire more referrals

Your one-page brand overview is an incredibly helpful marketing piece that will guide those who could refer you to effectively describe what you do as an advisor. And, it will help those you work with to describe your mission and your specialties, consistently and concisely as well. There are 5 sections to include in your “Branding One-Sheet.”

1.  What makes us different? Describe what you do that is truly unique (it may just be you and your team that truly make you stand out).

2.  One sentence firm description or tagline. We’re in an advisory business to… (a simple sentence that your referrer will remember).

3.  Our ideal client. Our best clients are those who…

4.  Our key areas of expertise. Describe these as needs that your ideal clients have.

5.  Our firm in depth. To find out more about our company, our services, and our people, check out our website at … (list your web address and other social media sites).

Creating a “Branding One-Sheet” can be done quickly and easily. It is not meant to be a brochure or something with lots of words and detailed design. Just a simple, to the point, easily digestible, and memorable one page marketing piece.

We have seen this become the main printed collateral of some firms to direct people to their online presence and acquire more referrals. And I think we all could use a few more referrals these days!

About the Author
Maribeth Kuzmeski

Maribeth Kuzmeski

Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP, is president of Red Zone Marketing, where she consults and speaks with businesses from financial service firms to Fortune 500 corporations, specializing in strategic marketing planning and business growth. She is an international keynote speaker and a regular contributor to television news shows and national print media. She has a degree in journalism from Syracuse University and an MBA from the George Washington University. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband Rich and two teenagers. Visit her online at


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