It shocks me every time a guy comes into my office and tries to pitch me his product.

(How little most guys know about how to actually sell efficiently to a woman.)

So after three really bad sales guys walked in (and out) of my office over the course of just two weeks, I thought I would offer up some tips to the gentlemen producers out there so I won’t cringe when I see you coming…

  1. Your primary purpose when you’re in a prospect meeting with a woman is to get her to like you. You must build rapport above all else. Pick one thing in her office and comment on it and ask questions. If someone has something in her office it’s because she likes it and it is part of who she is. And if she has a picture of her family, that’s your “go to” thing. People can never talk enough about their kid. The key thing is, if she doesn’t like you, she will never buy from you. She will find someone else who’s pedaling the same thing as you but someone she feels connected with.
  2. Always use her name. And use it a lot. Studies have shown that your No. 1, favorite word to hear is your name. Your brain lights up like a Christmas tree.
  3. If you are presenting to a man and a woman, look at the woman 80 percent of the time. I know it sounds odd, but she will actually feel like you are looking at her about 50 percent of the time. And the guy she’s with will feel like you are looking at him about 50 percent of the time. Guys don’t have a hang up about this but women are very sensitive to it.
  4. A woman knows when you walk in if she is going to buy or not. So don’t waste your time with a high pressure close.
  5. Get her to talk, and then validate her by repeating back to her a summary of what she said so she knows you were listening to her, then use what she said, to “sell her” in her own words.