With so much negativity in the world these days, I often find myself actively searching for the “good stuff” and celebrating those who share this information with me.  I recently caught up with my friend and colleague, Emily Viner, VP of Agency Growth & Development for Guardian, and we were discussing Guardian’s study on closing the gender gap in sales and how they are working hard to change the landscape for women in the industry.  

According to Viner, “Our industry struggles to recruit women into sales roles, but the issue is much broader than us. The study provides a clearer picture of how to position a career in sales as a satisfying and successful venture for those who are interested in a new opportunity. We now have a roadmap showing how to best highlight career benefits to women and address concerns they may have. We need to start sharing that message with young women and girls as well as experienced women looking for their next career move.” 

I get excited any time I hear of a company working on a new strategy to get more women into the industry.  I often hear that women in our industry account for about 14 percent of the production positions, and the percentage is even smaller in management roles. But I feel like we’re on the brink of something big here. Over the next several months, you are going to be wowed over and over again with a new series called "What’s the good news, ladies?"  I know I have some amazing rock star women in my life who are getting it done, so I reached out to some of them to share with you some of their high points from this year.  Buckle up! 

Christy Aleckson, Single Point Financial Advisors

“I manifested the right help for my office.  I hired someone, recognized early that it wasn’t working out and let them go.  Then I was just opened to the right person to come in that happened completely by chance with sharing office space!  I also created an entire new program to work with millennials and get paid that will launch in September.”  


Angela Ribuffo, First Command Financial Services

"In the last 12 months I completed my ChFC and my CDFA. I also became the National Secretary of Women in Insurance & Financial Services and will serve as the first African American President of the organization from 2017-2018. In my previous life I was a flight nurse for the United States Air Force and I have been able to stay close to my "roots" when it comes to helping military families and their financial future. In July of this year I was selected to be the Honorary Commander for the Alaska Air National Guard by Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska. The honorary commanders program fosters relationships and cooperation between community leaders and military members and I’m ecstatic to receive such and honor." 

Becky Brothers, Principal Financial Group

“I now work with over 200 representatives in 11 states and with two boards. I serve as a speaker on programs for YATs on the NAIFA Leadership Academy. And all of this has happened for me in less than four years. I attribute this to being in an industry, company and a member of associations that have provided me with opportunities through mentorship programs, development tracks and real life stories of how this industry provides an amazing opportunity to help others.” 

How inspiring, right?  And this is just the beginning!  Make sure you check back next month to hear about three more amazing women and what they are doing to succeed in this industry.  Until next time, my friends.