I've enjoyed all the positive feedback on this new series, “What’s the good news, ladies? Women who are changing the industry." It really has been fun!  For our second installment, I wanted you to hear from four women who come to the industry from entirely different backgrounds.  

Juli McNeely, who took over her father’s practice and helped bring it to the next level; Kristin Alfheim, an award-winning financial advisor who runs a successful practice in Green Bay; Meghan Wilke, who took her production experience to the home office level for Mutual of Omaha; and Julie Yunker, who is thriving under a big transition that happened earlier this year with MetLife.  

Now sit back, relax and get ready to be inspired by some astounding and accomplished women as they share some of their high points from this year.   

Juli McNeely, McNeely Financial Services 

“After finishing my year as the first woman National President of NAIFA, I was able to focus on finishing my lifelong goal of completing my book, “No Necktie Needed: A Woman’s Guide to Success in Financial Services.” It is my hope that more and more women choose this amazing career and I want to encourage those who have already chosen this as a career to push through those defining moments and find success beyond their imagination.” 

Kristin Alfheim, Futurity First

“My high point of the year has been witnessing the fruition of our (WIFS) women’s study group to help develop women managers in our field.”


Meghan Wilke, Mutual of Omaha

“As my first full year in my current position comes to an end, I’m proud to say that I’ve kept a gender mix of at least 50 percent female. Since assuming my new position, I have attracted four females who are brand new to the financial services profession. Two of those team members have already earned their first promotion to Regional Recruiting Managers for me! 

I also believe in attracting the next generation of talent and am proud to say that I have a thriving team of millennials who support each other in the most admirably loyal way.” 

Julie Yunker, Financial Partners of Upstate NY, and office of MassMutual

“I landed my biggest client ever this year and it was amidst the transition from MetLife to the MassMutual Agency system!”



Just incredible!  Make sure you check back next month to hear about more amazing women and what they are doing to succeed in this industry.  Until then. 

PS – Know a woman doing some great things?  Shoot me an email at scombs@combsandco.com  — I’d love to hear more about her!