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Maestro Health™, an employee health and benefits company located in Chicago’s West Loop, is anything but a stereotypical startup. The emerging technology company was founded by Rob Butler, former President of PayFlex and Head of Aetna Consumer Financial Solutions and Tony Dillon, former Chief Technology Officer of PayFlex, once they decided to give HR and employee benefits the much-needed facelift it needed. 

Working together. For your benefit(s).

Whether you’re an employer, employee, broker or carrier, Maestro Health’s goal is to make employee health and benefits simpler. Their innovation centers around its unique model of owning and operating key employee health and benefits solutions on a single, comprehensive platform called, maestroEDGE™. While they are dedicated to advancing the market by simply building systems that work better, their disruption lies in advancing the capabilities of the traditional HR and benefits technology through integration and flexibility. 

The maestroEDGE platform ties together four key components of employee health and benefits: HR Management, Benefits Marketplace, Benefit Accounts and Self-Funded Insurance. Clients can choose to go all-in with a platform that serves all of these needs, or the a la carte route by choosing standalone solutions. The platform is completely configurable, essentially making it a “build your own” HR operating system to fit your unique HR needs. 

“To us, it just made sense to tie together all components of HR, health and benefits on a single platform. All of these are interdependent from a technological perspective, but more importantly from a human perspective,” said Butler. “While we believe the unique synergies created by our integrated platform can optimize HR and employee benefits, we knew it was important to also have the flexibility to offer our solutions and services a la carte. Each employer group has their own unique needs.” 

Delivering a truly modern experience.

maestroEDGE sets itself apart from the pack in three other core areas: delivering the best tech experience, leveraging data to drive personalization and better healthcare decisions and offering solutions that focus on year-round engagement and support. If you ask any member of Maestro Health’s leadership team how they’re able to accomplish such an ambitious feat, they’ll consistently bring up one word, “experience.” 

“Until now, the employee health and benefits experience on both the front end for employees and the back end for employers has been decades behind where it should be – and frankly it’s embarrassing,” said Butler. “Benefits are a fundamental point of engagement between the employer and employee. If that experience is confusing, frustrating or inefficient for the employee, it reflects directly on the employer. We believe that equipping HR with the tools they need to help their people has a huge, positive impact on the entire organization.” 

Driving innovation through culture.  

From top down, Maestro Health believes that innovation and progress stem from culture, values and people. “We’ve consistently kept a lot of focus on building a strong internal culture,” explained Butler. “We firmly believe culture, values and the attitudes of our employees have a direct impact on the quality of our products and services.” 

Butler went on to explain how Maestro Health continues to put people first in a world where automation, Silicon Valley “unicorns,” and growth can often attract a majority of the attention.  “Agility must be part of our DNA – even while we’re moving at the speed of light we must be able to adjust course without losing focus of what matters: real people. We hire for empathy in every department. Whether an account manager or a developer, our employees must understand the difference we’re making and it has to matter to them, otherwise how can we really meet the needs of who we serve? We accept, embrace and celebrate ideas or critique from any part of our company. A great idea can come from anywhere – stifling that limits the possibilities of doing some amazing, new things.” 

Walking the walk.

The buzz in the HR tech space has recently caught fire. However, leadership at Maestro Health has noticed an unfortunate trend of all talk and no walk. “You’re engaged by some cool marketing, you see a fancy demo, then you get a great quote. What good is any of that if you can’t actually get what you see in the demo, or the vendor hits you with hidden costs? At Maestro Health, we constantly push ourselves to under-promise and over-deliver. We see a huge value and differentiator in simply being able to follow through with our promises and then exceed all expectations as we work with our clients.” 

Where technology meets service.

Maestro Health was built to exceed client expectations, not only through their technological capabilities, but with an innovative approach to service and support. They view each solution they offer as more than a stack of technology. Each solution offered is complemented by dedicated experts and a flexible service model to meet their clients’ specific needs. 

“Healthcare and benefits will always be a very personal, human experience. When someone needs help or something goes wrong, people will continue to reach out to others for help. We ensure our service teams are knowledgeable, empathetic and accessible throughout the year,” says Butler. “That’s where we believe we can have an even greater positive impact on people’s everyday lives.”    

Maestro Health was born from the passion to bring much-needed improvement to a critical area in peoples’ lives, and empower brokers and employers with more flexibility. It’s safe to say they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.