Very excited to share this month’s installment of “What’s the Good News, Ladies?”  This month you get to meet three women who are very near and dear to my heart. These are three women that I have had the pleasure of mentoring in my career, and I would have never met them if it wasn’t through the opportunities I received in volunteer leadership in serving on the National Board of Directors for Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS).  

I have always felt passionately about mentorship -- no one in this industry got to where they are today without the assistance of someone looking behind and helping to pull them up. I continue to have amazing mentors and advocates in my career, and I have chosen to pay it forward by mentoring others. 

Please let me introduce you to Mary, Krystyl and Ashleigh, three bright stars that I am happy to call mentees, colleagues and most of all friends:

Mary Fischaber, Thrivent Financial

Mary Fischaber, Thrivent Financial

“The greatest thing I did this past year to advance my career is complete my RICP® designation.  This course of study provides a plethora of useful, practical knowledge to help my clients achieve their long-term goals and retire wisely.  I was part of the American College-WIFS cooperative program, which provided weekly support and interaction with others who were working on the designation.

"Giving back is my favorite part of my career, and this year I had the opportunity to do that in several ways.  I gave a young, aspiring theatre director an opportunity to spread his wings, by producing (financing) his directing debut at our community theatre.  Through Thrivent Financial’s generosity programs, I’ve also been able to help my members donate thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to support our churches, schools, and other community outreach organizations."

Krystyl Glenn, Farmers Insurance - Weston Taylor Agency

Krystyl Glenn, Farmers Insurance

“Wow, this last 12 months has been a whirlwind of challenges and learning experiences but I would say my biggest accomplishment would be my overall confidence in this profession. If I look back to 12 months ago and to where I am now, I see the growth and changes I have made both personal and professional and that has been HUGE for me!”


Ashleigh Rothhammer, Rothhammer Consulting / Precise Leads

Ashleigh Rothhammer, Rothhammer Consulting

"In the last 12 months, I have started my own company, Rothhammer Consulting, joined another, Precise Leads, as well as became the National Board Director for Growth and Marketing for WIFS.  All the while trying to juggle being a future Mrs. and mother to a beautiful girl. To say I had to learn to juggle is an understatement. However, learning to lean on mentors and stay focused has led me to reach new goals and meet some of the most amazing people.

"The growth I have experienced from these opportunities has been remarkable. I must thank the people around me who have stepped in and lifted me up or given me high-fives along the way. They say it takes a village... I think it takes a city. Expand your circle!"

These three women are so inspiring, right? I’d like to pose a question to you:  Have you looked behind to see who you could pull up? If you haven’t, isn’t it about time? I promise you’ll get just as much as you give!

As always, if you know of women who are working hard to make this industry great, do an email introduction for me at I’d love to connect!

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