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  • U.S. house committee on small business Oct 27

    On October 1, U.S. House Committee on Small Business Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) released a sobering statement about the ongoing problems of the Small Business...

  • Streamlining the SBA loan process Oct 15

    On September 18, Sam Graves (R-MO), chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, introduced legislation designed to streamline and simplify the loan application process...

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Carriers expect PPACA enrollment surge

Carriers say they're expecting at least a 20 percent increase in enrollments, while some carriers anticipate enrollment to double in some states.

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Microbusinesses struggle with health insurance costs

The talent search for microbusinesses has never been easy, and in the era of escalating health insurance costs, owners of those businesses are particularly challenged.

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RIAs drive rise in commission-free ETFs

One-quarter of the largest private defined benefit funds now deploy ETFs, and adoption rates are even higher with public defined benefit funds and endowments.

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