We’ve been saying it for years. Well, some of us have, anyway. Employers are turning to their workplace more and more often for financial advice, in all its shapes and sizes.

Now it looks like we finally have some hard numbers to back us up.

MetLife released its sixth Employee Benefits Trends Study just this week and it looks like more than half of Americans workers now receive most of their financial and retirement products through their employers. For the record, that’s a 14 percent jump over last year.

And employees want more. The survey reveals that 44 percent of them want financial planning advice at the office — another 14 percent leap over last year. And 49 percent of workers want their employer to offer retirement advice.

On top of that, more employees are looking hard at benefits when making job decisions, and they’re also willing to pay more out of their own paycheck — or pocket — to get them.

For employers, it means that it might be time to take a hard look at what you bring to the table in terms of recruiting. While savvy brokers can seize this opportunity to become an invaluable workplace resource, for both employers and employees.

‘Course, that might mean more work. But the payoff can be huge, in terms of dollars and customer loyalty.

Look for more on this survey in the May issue of Benefits Selling magazine.