Not sure if you saw it yet, but Metlife’s ninth annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends dropped this week. It’s always a pretty good read.

But this year, it really highlights an employer-employee disconnect that appears to be much more pronounced than ever before. In fact, it looks like employee loyalty down a blistering 12 percent over the last three years, to less than 48 percent of those polled. Funny thing is, most employers remain convinced that those same workers are just as loyal as they have been.

Now I’m not sure whether its willful employer ignorance – embracing all the bliss that it brings – or if employers are just that arrogant, taking their still-employed work force for granted.

But employee benefit packages remain one of the strongest drivers for continued employee loyalty, so your job is safe. But, again, like the parties in a marriage long gone wrong, what employees value in their benefits remain vastly different than their employers’ expectations.

Nearly 40 percent of employers surveyed thought retirement benefits drove worker loyalty, but 64 percent of surveyed employees felt that way. And a little less than 38 percent of employers indicated non-medical benefits emerged as important employee loyalty factors, but, again, nearly 60 percent of employees said so.

So, for brokers, maybe it all comes down to who you talk to. If you’re only talking to the employer come enrollment, it might explain your dropping numbers. Maybe you should take a little time and effort to actually talk to the employees you’re trying to sell.