Most small-business owners support comprehensive immigration reform, according to a new survey by The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, nine out of 10 respondents agree today’s immigration system is failing, and three-quarters of respondents say the United States would be in a better position if undocumented immigrants were legal taxpayers with a path to citizenship.

“The results from the Small Business Majority poll reinforce the USHCC’s stance that immigration reform is an economic imperative for America,” says Javier Palomarez, president and CEO of USHCC. “The United States is a global leader in fostering entrepreneurship and attracting the world’s best talent. We are confident the results of this poll will further highlight the economic benefits of immigration reform and prove that our nation’s business community is strongly in favor of a bipartisan solution. Ill-conceived anti-immigration laws are not only bad for immigrants, but are proven to have detrimental effects on local economies.”

Another three in four respondents say comprehensive immigration reform could lead to major economic benefits. According to the survey, $1.5 trillion could be added to the economy in the next 10 years, and up to $5.4 billion in tax revenue could be realized during the first three years following the passing of immigration reform.

Eighty-four percent of respondents support the bipartisan Gang of 8 Senate bill and say immigration has positive impacts on the United States. While 74 percent of respondents believe the United States should facilitate entry for high-skilled workers, 64 percent of respondents say the United States should do so for low-skilled workers, as well.