Retirement plans vary across the nation. But it might surprise you how many exceptional 401(k) plans are concentrated in certain states. Drag your mouse across this heat map based on JDA’s 401(k) data and see how your state matches up.

Categories include the number of exceptional 401(k) plans per state, the total number of 401(k) plans per state, and the percent of exceptional 401(k) plans in each state.

As you can see, some states have a higher concentration of great 401(k) plans than others. Great plans, according to our ALM colleague Eric Ryles of Judy Diamond Associates, “means that their Judy Diamond plan score and performance benchmarks are all in the top 5% of all 401(k) plans nationwide.”

Heat map of United States 401(k) plans: Chris Nicholls/ALM; data compiled by Eric Ryles/Judy Diamond Associates