Going Budget Neutral - Unique Ways To Help Employees with Student Debt




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More and more of your clients ’ applicants and new employees are leaving school with significant amounts of student debt. They know that employers can offer student loan benefits and are looking for them to set companies apart. While many employers have historically seen these benefits as too expensive to offer, this is no longer the case and they can be a crucial recruitment tool for your clients and an opportunity to expand your portfolio and bottom line.

Join this complimentary webcast to understand a new way of looking at student loan benefits as a crucial part of your client’s benefits offerings. You will learn:

  • Why student loan benefits can help your clients attract top talent in a tight market

  • Two-ways to offer these options in a cost-neutral way

  • How to determine if your clients should prioritize these benefits as part of their offerings

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  Tara Fung

Vice President of CommonBond for Business

As VP of CommonBond for Business, Tara has the opportunity to speak with employers every day to help them determine whether or not a student loan benefit makes sense for their organization. Prior to CommonBond, Tara worked at German automotive giant, Daimler AG, in international strategy and project management roles.

While completing her MBA at Harvard Business School, Tara saw firsthand how classmates were making job decisions based on their student debt. She heard time and time again people saying they were accepting jobs they did not want in order to pay off their loans as quickly as possible. It was this experience that changed Tara’s career trajectory. She decided to join CommonBond and be part of the solution to the student debt crisis.