Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Beth Roberts and Dr. Elizabeth Coté from MyHealthMath discuss how this evolution will impact health benefits in 2021 – and beyond.  

Healthcare has always been challenging for consumers, but this year has brought it to a new level. As a result, health insurers and employers are feeling the pressure to do better on behalf of their constituents. By easing employee confusion, stress, and financial strain, insurers and employers can be invaluable allies during this crisis—and visionary leaders in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. 

“It’s important that no matter where a consumer is on the healthcare spectrum, that they are able to access the care they need,” says Beth Roberts, senior vice president for commercial business at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Talking about the importance of access, she says that though providers and carriers have had some form of virtual interaction with patients and members in the past, the Covid-19 crisis has caused them to enhance and increase this experience even more.

Dr. Elizabeth Coté of MyHealthMath brings her unique perspective as a medical professional and policy maker, noting that there is a “blanket of exhaustion settling on the nation,” and consumers are hungry for answers to their healthcare needs. Coté says that the solutions that offer more transparency and clear answers will win the day for consumers seeking more empowerment and engagement.

Hear more from Roberts and Coté, including their thoughts on the role of healthcare insurers and employers on instilling consumer trust, the economic considerations of health care plan options, and how plans will evolve even further.

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