Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Director of Population Health Improvement, Tami Ireland, joins Beth Roberts, SVP, Commercial Business, to discuss how programs are adapting to help employees stay safe and supported emotionally.

As the United States continues to grapple with the long-term emotional drain and impact of a global pandemic, along with unexpected remote work places, the mental health and well-being of employees are becoming an even higher priority. In the past, these programs were often seen as a feel-good employer offering; however, as the pandemic work environment evolved, so did the importance and flexibility of options.

Creating and expanding programs in real-time, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care gave tremendous thought as to what people are experiencing and what programs could help them best, says the company’s director of population health improvement, Tami Ireland.

We needed to be able to adapt to the circumstances and find new possibilities and then take advantage of them.”

Ireland details how they are connecting employees through online communities, virtual programming, team building activities, mobile apps and more, all while addressing individuals’ different needs.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Beth Roberts says their research demonstrates that the more employers do for their employees’ well-being, especially during these challenging times, the better workers will feel about the company. She says employers need to recognize that it’s not only about keeping an employee mentally and physically healthy, but that it makes them “feel part of something bigger” when they are cared for and engaged. 

“It improves the favorability of the employer-employee relationship in a way that is unprecedented.”

Press play to hear more about how Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is approaching the “new normal” of wellness programs and how it just might change the way the country works. 

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