In this episode of the Perspectives podcast, sponsored by Carrot Fertility and hosted on, we’ll hear highlights from the March 16th presentation titled, Building an Inclusive Benefits Package for a Remote Workforce.

After the events of 2020, many benefits leaders have had to quickly adjust their strategies to support both remote workers and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. Flexible policies and partners in a wide range of areas – mental health, family-forming, and more – will be key to building attractive, remote-friendly benefits offerings this year and beyond.

Kirsten Ferro, Director of Sales at Carrot Fertility, addresses how to meet the needs of remote employees and do so in a truly inclusive way, as well as what to consider for globally distributed teams. 

The full on-demand webcast can be found here:

Kirsten Ferro | Director of Sales | Carrot Fertility

Kirsten is an experienced sales leader for technology-driven brands who was struck by the lack of coverage for reproductive healthcare under company medical plans. She joined Carrot as one of its first employees to help make fertility care accessible to more people. As Director of Sales, Kirsten has helped dozens of employers structure and implement custom fertility benefits programs for their global workforce.