Beyond the Dollar: Why Fertility Benefits Are About More Than Financial Support



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Fertility and family forming journeys are life-changing decisions that have a great impact on employees’ lives. Financial support from employers helps make these journeys possible for many employees. But money isn’t the only factor — comprehensive fertility benefits involve much more. Care navigation, education, telehealth, and other non-financial benefits are all critical to ensuring positive outcomes and employee experiences, in addition to lowering healthcare costs for employers.

Join this complimentary webcast to discover the complexities of fertility health and all of the pieces benefits should include to best support employees on their journeys. You’ll also learn:

  • About common costs and risks employees on fertility health journeys can incur without ongoing support
  • How clinical management can reduce costs and stress associated with IVF and other fertility and family-forming journeys
  • Who the key professionals are that can improve experiences and outcomes for employees
  • And more…


Leslie Neitzel | Chief Human Resource Officer | Carrot Fertility