The Syrup – cringeworthy sales tactics

It's 4th Quarter, which means it's also open enrollment.  We are all tired, overworked and keep saying over and over to ourselves, "Just get through it." But then…as my friend, Allison Cohen De Paoli put it so perfectly, you get "assaulted" by yet another vendor trying to sell you during the absolute busiest time of year, and you just can't take it anymore.  

After sharing some texts with my crew (Erika, Chelsea, Colleen & Nancy), it got me thinking that we can't be the only ones.  This prompted me to send an email to my list of about 300 women who have been featured in the "What's the Good News, Ladies?" series over the years and see if others had stories to share.  

Boy, did they!  In less than 48 hours, over 50 women responded back with annoying, rude and downright appalling examples of how salespeople have approached them during this time of year.