BenefitMall has announced their partnership with Norvax, the number one provider of online marketing and sales technology for the individual health insurance industry. The partnership will combine BenefitMall’s quote engine with Norvax’s personalized individual quoting websites. The partnership will allow BenefitMall to focus on increasing their growth in individual and group markets by providing brokers with a range of tools and services to meet the needs of their individual clientele.

“We felt that Norvax was a perfect tool for brokers to use to quickly identify options for their individual clients, as well as providing them with a more customized approach to serving their needs,” said Michael Gomes, executive vice president of market operations for BenefitMall.

“We are very pleased about the opportunities this new partnership creates to provide brokers with new ways to invigorate their business and increase sales,” said Jeremiah Desmarais, vice president of marketing for Norvax. “With the increasing number of the uninsured consumers shopping online, they need trusted advisors to explain policy nuances and navigate the shopping process. BenefitMall brokers have the experience consumers need, and with the Norvax suite of tools powering them, the shopping process can be made much simpler.”