It’s easy to curse Big Oil every time you stop at the pump. Or George Bush. Or the Saudis. I know I can’t fill up my Jeep without getting a little bit angry.

But how fair is that? I mean, honestly, is anything ever that simple?

When employees hear about the new year’s premium increase or higher co-pay, who do they blame? The “greedy” carriers? The “cheapskate” employer? Those “blood-sucking” trial lawyers?

And how easy do you make it for them to do that? As the messenger, maybe it would make your job a little easier just to level with them. Or least give them more facts than they get from the evening news or some of those half-baked Web sites out there.

Just one example: The caregivers themselves — both doctors and hospitals — continue to bear the burden of rising costs. Congress is still debating Medicare and Medicaid payments, with reimbursement cuts looming.

Do a little research of your own before enrollment. Make sure you’re able to provide “the rest of the story.” Otherwise, you have no one else to blame. If you let the media and the pundits have all the airtime, can you really blame the employees for their assumptions?