Nippon Life Benefits has partnered with Best Doctors, a medical consultation service, to give plan participants access to world-renowned physicians for a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan.

The program is available to current and new employer group clients; eligible employees and the dependents will be able to submit their case to an expert specialist. Based on the member’s medical records and tests, the expert will determine if the prescribed treatment is appropriate. Members will receive a summary of the expert’s findings to use with their doctor.

“Best Doctors offers our plan members an expert review and greater insight from a team of highly regarded medical professionals,” said Akira Hosoda, president and chief executive officer of Nippon Life Benefits. “Helping members make informed decisions at critical moments in their lives is part of Nippon Life Benefits’ commitment to providing benefit plans that honor and respect each individual.”

Nippon Life Benefits is the U.S. subsidiary of Nippon Life Insurance Company of Japan.