Passengers on Delta Airlines flights this fall are going to get an LTCI wake-up call as part of their in-flight entertainment.

In a special interview broadcast by Sky Radio on Delta flights, Denise Gott, chairman of the board of LTC Financial Partners LLC (LTCFP), talks on the importance of long term care insurance. A special video on the topic is also appearing on CNN airport broadcasts at several U.S. airports.

The message is this: In America 3 in 4 of us need long term care after we turn 65. But most of us aren’t insured for it, and waiting to insure carries great risks.

“Even promised reforms will not solve what is considered the single biggest financial risk Americans face,” Gott says in the awareness video.

Long term care insurance plans have a history of growing in value over time. Because of inflation, a policy purchased a few years ago is worth more today, Gott emphasizes in her Sky Radio interview. And, if you wait too long to apply, you might no longer qualify.

Other points of the message include:

  • Rates depend on age. “If you sign up at age 40, you pay age-40 rates for the life of the policy.” Waiting ups the rate, which could cost you a bundle.
  • Tax benefits should not be overlooked. “Federal and state tax deductions or credits may be available to you. If you qualify, you can take them every year, year after year, once you’re covered.” So why wait? Why not start getting those benefits now?

To listen to the audio interview broadcast by Sky Radio on Delta Airlines flights, click here.

To view the video message presented by LTC Financial Partners, click here.